Septic Services

Septic Products and Additional Services

We support residential and business customers with additional products, such as sump pump repair and replacement or septic tank riser and access covers (for older septic systems), and services such as Hydro Vac excavation, city sewer and water connections, decommissioning water wells and septic tanks, confined space entry, septic system inspections for real estate sales, and liquid industrial wastewater hauling.

Septic Products

Sewage Pumps and Effluent Pumps

Effluent pumps and sewage pumps come in many different makes and models. At Weber Environmental Services, our team of professionals have worked with them all. If your pump cannot be repaired, we will find you a suitable replacement.

Sump Pumps

Not every home has a sump pump – but if your home does have a sump pump, it’s important for it to be reliable and running well, especially during the rainy season. Whether yours stops working and needs a new float or the sump pit cleaned, one call to us will get your sump pump up and running again quickly. If your sump pump can’t be repaired, we can install a new one for you.

Septic Tank Riser Lids

Every class 4 septic system comes equipped with septic tank riser lids (made of either concrete or heavy duty polyethylene) to make access to your septic system much easier. However, older systems may not have them.

Septic tank risers and access covers can be purchased and installed separately.

Additional Services

Hydro Vac Excavation

With our Hydro Vac excavation services, we are able to locate buried pipes and broken water mains, and we can also use our equipment to clean catch basins. With a 1000 gallon water tank capacity and a high pressure flusher, we are able to flush even large diameter sewers.

City Sewer Connections

Although our core business is installing residential and business septic systems, our team is also licensed to connect properties to city sewer lines.

Decommissioning Septic Tanks & Water Wells

If you are looking to have a septic tank, water well, or leaching bed decommissioned, the work must be completed by a company with the proper licensing. At Weber Environmental Services, we are licensed through the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to properly and safely decommission septic tanks and leaching beds. We hire and supervise quality well drillers to decommission water wells.

Confined Space Entry

With a high level of training and specialized equipment, our team can respond to any septic repair and installation needs, even in confined spaces. These septic services can include pump chambers, pump vaults, and sanitary manholes.

Septic System Inspections for Real Estate Sales

Before purchasing a new property or selling real estate, you should have your septic system inspected. Our trained technicians will pump your septic tank, and then perform a thorough visual inspection on all visually exposed components for structural problems, deterioration, and any other issues. Corrosion is a common form of deterioration (on concrete tanks) which normally happens above the water line where gases are trapped. Corrosion weakens the concrete structure and can cause the complete collapse of the tank lid if someone were to walk over the lid or drive a riding lawn mower over the top. It’s important to pump the tank and inspect it so this danger can be identified. When purchasing your home, learn the true condition of your tank by starting with a clean and empty septic tank. All visual inspections are free with a pumping service, and for those customers requiring written reports (for real estate sales, for example), those are provided on a fee-for-service basis.

For real estate transactions, it is also common for leaching beds to be inspected as well. We provide full bed analysis services, and we understand that this can be an unexpected expense. However, for buyers, this information is critical for you to know the condition of the system, whether or not it is functioning properly, how long it will last, and how much you should be setting aside each year in anticipation of its eventual replacement. For sellers, if you sell your property and claim it has a functioning septic system, you can be held responsible for that system up to one year after the date of the sale of your home. If the septic system fails within that time period, you could be responsible for the pro-rated value of a replacement system and any additional incurred costs, including new landscaping for the new owner. These inspections are critical for you to protect your family, and your investment.

If we discover during the analysis that the weeping bed needs remediation, we can often recommend two alternative solutions to replacement: Terralift rejuvenation system and/or the introduction of a bio aeration system. These two treatment solutions can be used to rejuvenate older systems, and lengthen the life of your septic system and leaching bed.

Liquid Industrial Wastewater Hauling

Through our licensing with the Ministry of the Environment, Weber Environmental Services is able to haul liquid industrial waste that falls into these categories:

  • #146 Other specified inorganic sludges, slurries, or solids
  • #149 Landfill leachate
  • #150 Inert inorganic wastes
  • #221 Light fuels
  • #251 Waste oils/sludges (petroleum based)
  • #252 Waste crankcase oils and lubricants
  • #253 Emulsified oils
  • #254 Oily water/waste oil from waste transfer/processing sites
  • #270 Other specified organic sludges, slurries and solids
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